What did Rachel Carson do growing up?

Rachel Carson was a (n) ecologist. An ecologist studies the parts of science, our enivoronment, and nature. In this case, Rachel Carson has chosen to be an ecologist and study the sea. Before Rachel Carson began writing stories and studying the sea, Rachel got hired by the U.S Bureau, to write articals for the natural history for the Baltimore Sun.
In 1936, Rachel Carson had a career in the Federal Service which she had stood as a (n) scientist and an editor. Soon she rose to become Editor-in-Chief of all publication areas of the U.S., Fish and Wildlife Services. Rachel soon started writing pamphlets on conservation things you could do to save the natural resources, and also edited scientific articals. In her free time, she wrote books about what she saw. She always wrote books about the sea! I wonder why.

Did u know? Rachel Carson died at the age of 56.